English Language

English language

Language Plays A very Imporant Role In your Life.

We can’t Think Our life Without Language.

Language Is define as a medium to Understand and share Thoughts or to Understanding to Each Other Talks In Day To day Life.

The Origin Of language is one of the mysterious Theory. and No one Know Exactly about The origin Of language.

There are Three Modes Of Languages in Existance.

1— The Oral Language

2– The Writting Language

3– The visual , Indicating or Expressive Language.


These All Modes Of languages Are Widely Used In All Over The world. The Languages May Differ From One Place To another In Its every Mode.

Beacuse everyNation and States has Their own language with their own ascent.

The Most Widely Use Language in this World Is The MandaRin Chinese. Followed With Spanish and English langugaes.


There are Approx More than 5000 to 7000 Languages Exist in This World. and Every Language Is Used In specific Region or The place of origin Of that langauge.

Like Chinese Language Used widely In China

Hindi In India.

Urdu In Gulf Nations and All.


In Early Times It was Very Very Difficult To Communicate With The Peoples of other Language.

The early People had to Suffer A lot in Travelling To Another Place .. because they Had a very Different Language from them.


But Now , in this Current World It is Far More better and Easiest Way To communicate with The people Of Other places.

This happens because of a A origin Of a New Language and the Most Famouse Modern Language of This Era.

Named as The English Language.


The English Language is Not a language of A specific Person or nation ..

perhaps Each Nations have Adopted It . And In every Place in this world , This language is Spoken.

Which Makes It the World Linked Language ..

because It creates And Join The All Over The Word Together and. Also This Language is Widey Spoken and listen around The world.

English Language is The third Highest Spoken language In This World. But still This Language called The World Link Language , Because the Other Two remaining most Spkoen languages in This Wolrd Are Having Some DisQuality and These Languages are have their Owm Value and Legacy. And These Languages are Also Much Older. These languages are Very Hard To Understand and Write.

But English is a new Language . And It having A special type Of self Upgradation features according To The Need.


Every Where English Is needed and in EveryThing of Work We Need English Language.

English Makes Our Life soo Much easier and. By This language only We can Capabale to Roam The place of others Nations or States.


English Is adopted By the Wolrd . That’s makes it the wolrd link language Between The world.

In Every International meeting English Language is needed. and This Language is Spkoen In maximum place around The world


In This Current World Everybody Wants to be strong in Every Field and Language is a Field Where people always tries To Be The best.

And By this Thought English Is Used Mostly as The second spoken Language of maximum people.

In Many Countries Englsih is State that its the Easiest Langugae than the language of their own country.

I n maxmimum countries the english language is Announced As The Offical Work Language…

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