EverThings Need Or Consume Energy To Run ,

It does’nt Matter It’s A Living Thing Or A Non Living Thing .


In Living things Which Is sub Divided Into Animlas Or Plants They Also Needs Energy To Sustain Their Life.

The Basis Needs For Human or A Living Thing To Gain Enegry by The Water , Food And Air.

All These Three Helps Humans Or Tress To Gain Energy.

Thinking Of Survivary Without These Three Things Is Can’t Make Any Sense.

Because Without Food , Air And Water Humans Or Living Creatures Can’t Survive.

Food Is Define As The Natural made Substance Which Give Energy When It’s Consumed By The human Being or an Animal.

A Good Food Can Always Obtained By The Nature.

After Obtaining The Food From Nature . Some ArtiFicial Reagents Can be Added But A Good Food Have Always Begins With a nature.

Food Can Be Sort By Two Ways , And That Are On The Basis Of obtainning.

Like The Food Which Is Obtained From The Land Called Vegetarian Food. This Can Be Grown By The Process Of Farming and this is Done By Naturally.

These Have Various Process and Method From The Begins To The End.

Some Of These Examples Are Food Grains , Vegetables , Pulses , Oil Flowers And EtC.


And The Second Type of Food Is consist Of Animals InterFerence or Involment and It’s Named as Non – Vegetarian Food.

In This Humans Use To Consumed Some Of The Animals to Obtain Energy.

This Also Have Many Methods and Process Before Coming into the Market.

Some Times Non- Vegetarian Food becomes Dangerous For The Consumer As Well As The Society.

Some Examples Of Non- Vegetarian Food are Meat Of Hens , Birds , Goat and ETC.

Around The World Maximum Number Of People Are Non – Vegetarian means They Depend Upon Animals.

This Can Be Because Of Tasty And Neccessity Also.

But However , In India Maxmimum Number Of People Are Vegetarian. They Depends Upon Natural Foods.

The Maine Reason Behind This Is , the Maximum indian People Are Devotes and In Their Holy Books It has Written That Consuming Any Animals Is A Sin.

And Also Indian People Also Believe In Worshipping Animals Like Cows , Dogs And Etc.

The Way By Which Humans Population Is Enhancing Is Gonna Be a Threat To The Entire Wolrd in Future.

Because Humans Have Very Limited Areas Of Land For Growing Crop For Food.

But Day By Day The Land Is Decreasing Just Because Of Human needs Of Housing and also Every Year A large Number Of Areas Specially A Coastle Area gets Submerged Or Dive Into the Seas and the Oceans while The Enhancing The Global Temperature.

Their Is No Doubt ,

That After 30-40 Year Later , Entire Humans Community Will Be In Danger Just Because Of Short Of Food And Resources and At that Time They Gonna Victim a Very Huge Famine of Hunger.


So . Humans Have Still Some Time To Prevent Or Postpond This By making some Strict Laws and Humans Population Controls Rate Law.

If Humans Can Make Some Neccessity Arrangements For Future.

Then It Gonna BeneFicial For The Humanity.

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