Internet is a Unvisible Technology Of Science and Its Applications of This Modern World. And It is Define as The Network Of Networks and It is also Called International network.

Internel Is a BackBone Of This Modern world Which Connects The World Together.

It Provides The Results of Our Every Question in Less Time.

Imternet is one Of The Type of Independent Services and It Allowed Every single person To Use It and The User or Operator Is Fully Allowed to Use According to Their Need and withOut Any Restrictions and Force.

It always Help Us In every Situation And Circumstances And We Can Easily Get And Resolve Our Query on This.

Using Of Internet is Allowed All Over The world.

But every State or The Nation has Their Own Rule to Access internet.

InterNet Is A Very Essential Technology. And Without Internet Its Very Hard To do Anything. Many Electric gadgets Works On internet. And Internet is Lifeline For Them.

Internet helps Many Persons And even The Government Bodies also To Do Their Work and Excercise.

Internet Make Our Work very Easy and fast .

It Refuces Human Effort and . Also It has many Benefits.

Internet Is A boon Of Technology which Connects Every Bodies To The World.



In india , Internet begins In 1986. In The Era of 20th century The Internet was Only Available For Educations and researches Purpose Works only.

But , After 15 August 1995 On Its Independence Day. Using Of Internet Is allowed For EveryOne and For Anytype of Work.

In The 20th Century , Internet Is not Widely Used In india Just Because Of Not Proper Need and Knowledge. And In That Era the Cost Of Internet Is High and Very Few People Used Intenet that time .

Also , In That Era Minimum People Had Computers And Other Equipments To Used Internet that is Also A reason For Less Used Of internet in 20th century.

In That Time Internet Is Used in Government Services Like . Railway Tickets , Banking , And in Some Other Matters. And Some Normal people Use For their Own Works.

But in last 2-3 Years at Least more Than half Of The India’s Poplutaion are Active Regularly In india.

This Happens Just Because Of Availability Of less Price Of SmarrPhone and The Less Cost Of Data For Using the Internet.

It Said that The Indian is The only Country Which Has The Cheapest Data Price As Compare to The world.

And That Is . 0.09 $ or 5-6 Rs Per GB of Data.


The Access Of Internet Is Not Quite Hard In india.

But The Process For Telecom Companies and Their DistriButer To How Interent Reaches To Everone Is Very Hard. Beacause Of Some Governmmet Pollices , Implementation and Geographical Areas.



In This Current World.

The Use Of Internet is So Wide and Without internet Nothing Can We Done.

There Are Many Examples Which Make Our Life Easy And These Is just Because of internet.

Internet Helps Us in Sending mails , Calls , Messages , Photos , Data , And Etc.

We Can Easliy Get This services All Around The world and We Can Enjoy These Facilities.




Regretly , Internet Is available all Around The World but due To Some Government Implementation.

People Have To Be in restrictions while using Internet.

And Also Their Searches Are Not Encripted.

The Governmnet Also Keeps Eye On Their Citizens about Their searches History.

But , This is Not The true Internet Means , because Internet gives everyOnes a right to use Its services With and under the implementations Of Governmnet Of That Region.

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