I think we all are very aware of what is a myth we can define it as a source in which we falsely believe although it not makes any sense in our life we believe in something which is not scientifically proven and is not real but we have heard it from our ancestors  because they all believed in that but if you will see anything which people have given it logic of myths there is always a reason which is scientifically proven but only those people don’t believe in myths who are educated or know the reason of happening of the thing the reality they know because people get fooled by believing in myths only those people who believes in GOD but they don’t understand that whom they are falsely believing by the name of faith is not god but the people who tells them and they make money through it only by putting false myths i think everyone should be aware of all these things .



If you will ask from me i think its for real only for those people who will not get ready to listen the science behind every myth but not for those people who knows why its happening it will always be for someone who is going through very tough times they will believe this if anyone will say like they will say your house has some bad vibes and thats why you have to suffer from all this tough time but the thing is its not right the thing is everyone should understand that all this happening is because of me or because of my unemployment they starts believing in all this false things and get in trap by wrong people because you are not believing in yourself and the one you always ask for help you have stopped believing in them but tough times comes and goes but faith in our god should not get vanished  never and ever trust in all these false myths .


If you want to harm anyone just do one thing make them believe in their god that they are saying to do something for them and how will you do that myths spread myths in his ears and then only in few days he will  starts believing in that but only for those people who have small minded thinking if he is well educated i think this move will we wastage of time and energy if you cant do this spread that in your house there is bad energy and which can harm you people do it most of the time but its not the truth but people believes in it and gets distracted  looking if you have to distract people always give them a very appropriate reason cuz none is illietrate now everyone is getting educated now because education is the wisdom its everything and can make you know what are myths  dont believe in such stupid thinks .

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