Pollutuon Is A essential burning Topic For all over the world.

The Pollution word Come From the Word pollutant.

Which means The Unwanted Substance which Gets Mixed With Other pure substance and make it Harmfull. This Process can be Done by human Interferance As well as Climate or Weather changes.

Pollutant Can Vary By their Shape , Size , Properties including Physical As Well As Chemical.


Pollution is Define As The Phenomenon Or the Process By Which A waste Material Mixed With Something and Make Is Waste , and Not For Use.

The Phenommenon can We Naturally or Human Made.


There are many Types Of pollution Which Are Harmful for The Nature , Animals And Plants.

Some Of them Are.

1– Air Pollution.

2–Water Pollution.

3–Noise Pollution


Air Pollution is Define As When The Pollutant get Mixed in Air and Make It Dirty , And which is Harmful For Human Needs For Breathe.

Air Pollutant Can Be Very Small And It Can’t Be visible From Naked Eyes.

But can Seen From Microscope. And An Other Equipments.

This type of pollution is One of the most Hazadous Pollution For Human because This pollution causes Many Problems for Human.

Like Swalling in Eye , Headache , Breathe Probes. And Etc.


The Pollutant Causes The Air Pollution , and There Are many Factors By Which a Pollutant Causes Air Pollution.

The Main Pollutant Which Causes Air pollution is The Smoke Which is Releases By Burning of Fuel In Vehicles. Actually Burning Of Every Thing Which Releases Smoke Are The Type Of pollutant and This Causes Air Pollution.

In burning of Fuel The Major Gasess Which Releases Are Cabon Dioxide , CarBon MonoXide And Etc.

These all Gases Are Very Harmful For Human as Well as Animals.

Factories Also Contributes In Air Pollution by Realsing pollutant By Burning of coal and Other Substance and Releasing Openly.


We Can’t Stop Air Pollution But We Can reduce It From Its hazadous Peak To normal Peak by Reducing The Burning Of Substances Which Causes And Releases Smokes.

We Can Reduce the Driving Of vehicle.

Stop Shifting Cultivation.

Use Natural Gasess For Burning In factories. And Etc



The Water Pollution.

It is Define As The Pollution which Happens In water Bodies.

In Brief , When The UnWanted Particles or Matter get Mixed With Water and Make it Harmfull For Human Need as well as Animals After Consuming.

The Water Pollutant Happens Every Where And It is The Essential Pollution to Get Reduced because It Kills Millions of Aquatic Plants and Animals and Some Human Being Also Every Years.

Water Pollution means The Pollution in Water Bodies. Like From A Small Pond To The Ocean.

Actually We are also Responsible For This Pollution and This Happens Because Of Us.

We Openly Throw Our Wastage , Sewage , Industrial Waste , And Etc In water Bodies and This Pollutant Causes Pollution in Water.

We Can reduce It By Controlling All Above Given Examples.


The Noise Pollution.

Its A common Pollution And Exist Many Places.

Happen Because Of Extra Noise And Disturbance Happen in Our surrounding Day To Day In our Life..

It affects Our Brain , And Causes Mental Health and Etc.

We Can Stop This by Not Making Extra nonsense And Non Needed Sounds In environment.

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