Tamil Songs Lyrics: Aattakkaari Maman Ponnu-Thaarai Thappattai With english translation

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Aattakkaari Maman Ponnu-Thaarai Thappattai
P: Player Maman Ponnu
Squeeze and eat to be heard
Come together and attack
Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself!
You’re a real spit fire and that’s exactly what we like on this site CC!
An option is tolerable
மொறச்சி பாக்குற
Cut to the chase
And my whole night
You spoil the competition
B: Nethu Patha Vayasu Pochu
Mathew Mathew Mathew Mathew
Asking and Fermentation Bochu d
Cut the joint and leave the work d
What a vertebrate pudding
Come and infect
Overcome Audi hatred
Just show fun
Your sleep is Pochuna
I am not responsible for that
P: You know my mind is right
Damn age mold
Do you understand?
B: The laughter you make
Spreading tobacco
வச்சிக்கோ தளுக்கும் மினிக்கும்
திருநாள் ஆட்டத்துல
P: Pittanador Ponnu Manasa
Machan Machan remember what
B: In the rough mound evil morat rain
Does the flower bloom and the plant sprouts
P: That’s where you are
I have a temple
Speak mentally
Can’t tell
B: Kedaku in the story of Solla
Where there is none
P: I can’t
There is no way to leave you
By the way I have no rule to say
Picture: Tarai Thapattai (2015)
Music: Ilayaraja
Lyrics: Ilayaraja
Singers: Manasi, Prasanna
F: Aattakkaari Maman Ponnu
Kaeka Venum Kasakki Thinnu
Kootu Saenthu Pottu Thakka Va
Kitta Va Konjam Ottikka Kattikka Va
Unna Veratti Pudikka Thaan
En Raathiri Pooraathaiyum
M: Nethu Paatha Vayasu Pochu
Maathu Maathu Paecha Maathu
Kaetu Kaetu Pulichi Pochu Di
Othu Di Vetti Velaiya Vitturu Di
Enna Veratti Pudikka Thaan
F: En Manasu Unakku Sariya Theriyume
Vachiko Thalukkum Minikkum
F: Pithaanathor Ponnu Manasa
Machan Machan Enna Nenacha
M: Karattu Metula Pollaatha Morattu Mazhaiyila
Poo Pookum Sediyum Molaikkuma
F: Nee Irukkum Edam Thaan
Solla Kathai Ulla Kedakku
Unnavittu Poga Vazhiyum Illa
Othayila Naan Solla Vithiyilla
Film: Thaarai Thappattai (2015)

Singers: Manasi, Prasanna

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