Top 5 Anime Panties

If you think of the panty images in anime the first thing that pops into your mind is a style that not solely shows it on a regular basis and, in some instances makes it a point to exploit it to the end. If you’re not sure yet, it’s probably the ecchi category. It’s no surprise that ecchi has a significant representation on this list. The fans of this anime are sure to be able to recognize some of these pictures in this list. We’ll also show scenes in other categories too. These shots of panty are rated according to a variety of factors which include but are not limited to memorable occasions colors, presentation, and font. We’re here in the moment of the truth. We are now ready to revel in the shocking or pleasant (depending on the person you would like to ask) and panty revelations. Honey’s Anime is happy to share this top 10 best anime panty photos.


1 – Ito Hikiotani/Punch Line



Episodes: 12

Aired: Apr. 2015 – Jun. 2015

First on with Ito Hikiotani, the character from the anime Punch Line. In the very first episode Yuta’s spirit Yuta was looking for the book of rituals to bring his spirit back to his body. The book was located within the home he was living in. Simple enough, to believe? First thing he discovered was Ito and then came the sight of her amazing striped pants. Naturally, he ended up getting more than he expected. This, along with another panty shot shortly thereafter it, established the rules for the animation in the scene that was followed.Ito is a blonde-haired shut-in who tries to stay away from people as best she can. What she was searching for was a shampoo. But in this case the situation was unavoidable. Who can tell if an angel is watching her stretching? Fortunately to Yuta, Ito wasn’t aware of his presence. It’s probably possible that things could have gone differently had he not been an entity. The thing that makes this story unique is the fact that he didn’t experience any negative reaction from Ito because of being invisibly to Ito. But There was an adverse effect that he definitely felt following the incident.



2 – Rikantz Seaberry/ Daimidaler: Prince vs. Penguin Empire (Kenzen Robo Daimidaler)



Episodes: 12

Aired: Apr. 2014 – Jun. 2014

The next to be included is quite unique addition. Rikantz Seaberry, better called “Ritz” on the TV series Daimidaler: Prince vs. Penguin is an extremely enthusiastic and affectionate female in the penguin kingdom. When she discovered that they were in battle against Robo Daimidaler during episode 3, she wanted an immediate entry into the penguin world. She has plenty to give, including compassion and loyalty. What did Ritz need to do to achieve what she desired? It’s great that you have asked. She was required to take what’s known as”penguin exam “penguin test” in order to meet her own objectives.Prior to the penguin test taking to place, the Empire was required to get “important” details from her. Therefore, they quickly removed her clothes without much objection from Ritz. They then gathered the measurements of her body and then left her in her lovely light blue pants. Not even bothered by what had was happening, she dressed again and was prepared for her test. There was one job she was given to complete which was to take on one of their own. Her affection for the penguin empire grows even more as the story unfolds. There’s not a female on this list who had penguins smother them and reveal their pantyhose for “research”. This is a rare scenario to at a minimum, and this is why we think it deserves to be included at the top of this list.



3 – Asia Argento/High School DxD



Episodes: 12

Aired: Jan. 2012 – Mar. 2012

Here we are at number 8 and it was obvious that a High School student from DxD would be on this list. In this instance, it is innocent and sweet Asia Argento. The journey goes back to the very first season and episode two. In this episode, the principal perv, uh protagonist Issei Hyoudou gets to meet Asia.After a long night out performing devil-like duties, Issei wakes up the next morning and sets off to school only to discover the woman in religious attire lying on the ground, face down. Issei naturally decides to stare at her elaborate rear end, rather than trying to help her to get up. After a shaky introduction, he learns the name of her is Asia Argento. This anime is filled with numerous gorgeous panty shots it was difficult to pick one we believed was crucial. We did think that the introduction to Asia in the series , combined with the reaction of Issei was enough to place this on our list of top anime.



4. Kotori Itsuka/ Date A Live


Episodes: 12

Aired: Apr. 2013 – Jun. 2013

We are introduced to the cute and energetic Kotori Itsuka, a mere minute into the premiere. Kotori is seen in her older brother’s bedroom, having fun. It’s evident that her motives are in giving Shidou Itsuka a amazing wake-up call. The manner Kotori made the decision to get up that made an impression on us. We’ll help you understand this.Kotori continues to leap between his bed before leaping into the air with malicious intentions. We , as viewers, rapidly forget her actual intention is when her white and pink stripes are flashed the air. The flashes were beautifully presented in slow-motion, so viewers were able to get more than an image. And then, before we realize it, her final act arrives and she slams her one foot in his stomach. Her skirt flying up in the air was an amazing treat for us as fans however not the Shidou. What a great way to wake up! He managed to get back to sleep and then get up on his own after getting Kotori away.



5. Hinata Hino/ The Future Diary (Mirai Nikki)



Episodes: 26

Aired: Oct. 2011 – Apr. 2012

Episode 8 offers an extreme case of what happens in a school setting when you offer assistance. Hinata Hino took a class when she heard people talking about Yukiteru Amano who is the main character in the show, who was recently moved to a different school. Hinata hit the bully with her notebook and it sent Yukiteru the most on the floor. Hinata reached out her hand to assist him, and, sure enough, Yukiteru reached for his hand and fell forward , and pulled down the shorts of Hinata’s. The results of that mistake revealed her gorgeous white and green striped pants to the entire class.Let’s just say that Hinata was unhappy by Yukiteru’s plight and hit him with her notebook just before the teacher arrived. The panty we chose was shot for the sixth slot due to the style and context. The panty shot showcase the cutest tiny ribbon at its front side, one can imagine how humiliated Hinata would have felt. It was a gruelling situation being surrounded by classmates who stare at her kids’ panties. This one is a winner as the most embarrassing revelation on this list.

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